about middlebury graphics

Middlebury Graphics is committed to provide you with over 18 years of experience to give you the solutions you need combined with the quality you expect.   

Where Middlebury Graphics came from:

I officially opened Middlebury Graphics in 2011 as a sole proprietor. Although this is a new company, my experience has been building for nearly two decades. I started out working in a multimedia lab in Children's Hospital Enders research building, developing film by hand, photographing staff portraits and lab research experiments, and preparing copy stand and edited videos for research grants. This is where I also got my first taste of using computers and photo and video editing software. After 5 years at Children’s Hospital I moved on to the JL Hammet Company, (the country's oldest school-supply company -- whose founder invented the blackboard eraser) building catalogs, creating retail collateral and photographing products for their catalogs.  JL Hammet really gave me exposure to the fast-paced world of retail.
In 2003 my wife and I decided to move from the South Shore to the North Shore of Massachusetts. About that same time I left Hammett's and went to work for HCPro, a health care publications business located on the North Shore . At HCPro I was a jack of all trades, doing everything from laying out newsletters, to designing brochures and shooting custom photography. With limited photographic resources I often had to get creative in photoshop. Additionally I was the manager of a team of designers and point person for printing of all HCPro's marketing materials.
After surviving a number of rounds of layoffs at HCPro, I became the victim of “corporate downsizing” last summer.  After being a victim of "restructuring" I was let go after 8 years.  As the saying goes, when a door closes, a window opens, so I took this life changing event as a sign to open my own business…

Welcome to Middlebury Graphics!



They Said it, Not Me

"Thanks for your talent and creativity! you are truly a rockin' photographer!"

"Everything Looks Great you are really talented"

"We love those logos!"

"Saw your logos, you are very talented!!! I have full confidence."

"Thanks so much for such a beautiful family photo Steve!"